Embrace your lover open-heartedly! Or don’t do it all. Sex without a heart-to-heart connection is just masturbating with another person’s body. It’s nothing more than scratching an itch. It’s about my needs, my desires. Even many so-called “love songs” go on about “the way you make me feel”. This is not love, at least not for the other person. Love is never about what you get. Love is all about what you give, without any expectation or regret.

Let’s say you hold your newborn child for the first time. – A human being that, for now, is completely unable to intentionally do anything for you. – So, when you hold your newborn child and do not care about what you get; when everything you hope for at this moment, when your only wish is for this child to have a long life filled with joy and laughter, that is love.

Love is not something you need to learn. For you feel some degree of love for something or someone all the time, if you are just open enough. And since openness is your nature, so is love.

This should be as easy as it gets. But we make it difficult. For if you are open, if you love, you can get hurt. And that is the last thing most of us want. We rather just scratch the itch and try to get from one superficial high to another. We desperately try to feel something, just because we refuse to feel everything. This is not living. This is just running away from life.

Think about this: Do you want healthy relationships in your life? Do you want any sense of self-worth or purpose? Well, you will never find that if you keep running. Because everything that is truly worth living is born out of openness and love.

So choose wisely, for a life which is not based on love, is a life thrown away.