How often do you give your open heart, without holding back? To be honest, I rarely do this. Most of the time I do hold back, or rather: hold on to something. Actually, I always do this. I have never opened up completely. Not yet. Just like almost everybody else.

But those few moments when I do open up, much more than the rest of the time, they mean the world to me. Even though I know the love I feel in those moments is just a glimpse of what can be, that glimpse changes everything! It is the most beautiful gift. One that I try to pass on.

But, there is a fundamental problem: How could you explain, let’s say, sex to somebody who has never had it? Not just the abstract concept, but the actual experience. How could you even explain what it feels like to become one with another person, sexually and spiritually? How can one fully comprehend that a few hours like that can change your whole world? I believe it is almost impossible. One has to feel it in order to truly understand. There is just no substitute for that.

By the way, I am well aware of the irony: Explaining that explanations do not work. But I also know, I have to give you something. I can’t just tell you to do this or do that, without any context. I am not the boss of you and I do not want to be.

Although at first glance these texts might seem deep, they barely scratch the surface of reality. I am well aware of that too. But that is fine. I do not want to explain the universe. I just want to make you curious enough to give the exercises a shot.

Try it and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Do not even try to understand. Feel it. Live it. Then you will understand, without even trying.