Most likely deep inside you are not the person you think you are. Your ego – what you call “I” – is a construct. Something you have been creating since the day you were born. It is a complex web of outer and inner judgements, expectactions, hopes and fears. And it is mostly fictional. But a fiction you turned into reality. For you live it every day.

In a certain way none of it is real. Just like everything is real. Categories like that do not even matter. The only thing that matters is depth. All your emotions are real, at least to you. But some of them are much deeper than others.

Try to remember a feeling that only lasted for minutes, or even seconds. Like the time you were annoyed when that paper-clip fell to the ground. That did not bother you for years, right?

Then recall a feeling that arose a long time ago, but did not go away at all. Like, for example, the love for your child.

Now ask yourself: Which one of these emotions is more important to you?

I leave you alone with that thought for a second.

To you all your emotions are true. But they all are either more superficial or more profound. The more superficial a feeling is the faster it will fade. Your deepest emotions will stay with you forever.

Of course how long a feeling might last, is something you will only find out after the fact. But if you want to know how important a feeling is to you right now, just ask yourself: How deep does it go?

At first this might not yield obvious results. But I promise you, in time you can learn to recognise the depth of your emotions right away.

This will be a tremendous help with all your decision making. Because obviously it makes no sense to base your whole life on superficial emotions. Your “life’s plan” should be based on lasting feelings, right?

Therefore your own truth lies in the depth of your self. To find your truth always go deep. Try to sense what you feel much deeper than you have ever done before. Then go deeper. And if you think you cannot go deeper, try to go even deeper.

For there is no tangible limit to your depth. If you think you have reached that limit, you have not. What you might have encountered is the limit of your readiness to open up.

Always go deeper. It will be worth it. For there you will find your deepest truth.

To paraphrase a previous statement: Your actual life’s mission is to be your deepest self.