In our mother’s womb there are no boundaries. Our mother’s feelings are our own. Her joy, your joy. Her anger, your anger. Her fear, your fear. There is no difference between „I“ and „You“. No separation whatsoever. Everything is one. This is how we are born.

Then we start to „learn“.

We learn – from almost everyone we meet – to build walls. Walls against pain. Walls against anger. Walls against shame. Walls against fear. Walls are the „solution“ for everything. Walls inside of us. Walls between us. Separation becomes the definitive element of our existence. Our whole way of life is an expression of a deeply fractured mind.

The estrangement from our own self creates a dark void inside of us. We try desperately to fill this emptiness. In an affluent society there is seemingly ample opportunity to this end: parties, social media, drugs or a million other things. Which induce absolutely nothing but to temporarily numb us. For nothing will ever fulfil us as long as we are not ready to shake off our inner walls.

Without openness not only sex is superficial and lifeless. Such is everything, if we go down this path. There is a very simple reason why our culture seems to be obsessed with „zombies“. They accurately reflect our existence: Most of the time we are nothing but walking cadavers.

Perhaps we don’t even realise this. For we walk this path for so long, we have already forgotten how it feels to be truly alive. We have already forgotten our true nature. For there is nothing natural about this lifeless existence. On the contrary. It is merely the result of long years or decades of habituation.

The great news is: Every habit can be undone. Yes, this usually takes patience and perseverance. But it is like sports. If you regularly work on yourself for long enough, you will make headway.

In this context progress means eventually to become your natural self. Never Trust any philosophy, ideology, or religion which tries to change your actual nature. They will only lead you astray.

Your life’s mission is to become what you truly are.