It is my personal conviction that we entered this life in order to give our love to the world.

Now, a common misconception about love is to believe it is the same as being nice. It is not. – For simplicity’s sake let’s define “nice” as “saying yes.” – Sometimes you have to say “No”, not despite, but because you love someone. Most people do not respond well to always only hearing “Yes.” That is how you raise tyrants. So if you say “Yes” all the time, you don’t do it for the other person. You do it because it is easier, more convenient for you. Conflict isn’t easy. But, considering the state of the world, it is unavoidable. Unless you want to roll over and surrender completely.

Of course there might always be people who want you to be silent. But those aren’t your friends. A true friend wants your voice to be heard. Anybody who wants to keep you quiet, doesn’t respect you. And they will most likely use and abuse you. Hence saying “No” at times isn’t just a matter of self-respect, it is a matter of self-defence.

Another common misconception about love is to think you shouldn’t get angry. But in many situations anger is a completely natural emotional response. Anger itself isn’t the problem. It all depends on what you do with that fire. You could use it to burn the whole world down. That doesn’t help anyone. But you can also use it to fuel you, to motivate you to keep fighting not against, but for the people.

When you see injustice, racism, sexism, any kind of abuse, don’t smother your anger, use it, let it move you, forward, towards a better world. Use all your emotions and let your voice be heard. Say “No”, whenever necessary, and keep saying “No.” Do not ever stop, until you see meaningful, lasting change!